The Swamp Incident

“There you are girl! Didn’t you here us calling you?” He asked, as he led the small group to the muddy shore where the girl sat staring. Relief was plainly visible on his face now that he had found her, since her disappearance had them traipsing about the swamp most of the day looking for her.

She made no reply and continued to stare at the small island which lay a few dozen yards out across open water.

“C’mon, lets get you back to town. Mother Karis is worried sick about you.”

“I don’t think she really cares about anything,” she replied sullenly.

“Then how come she’s got half the city out looking for you?”

The girl made no response.

“Either way, we’ve found you so let’s get you back to town now,” he said, cutting off the awkward silence.

“There’s something here. Something that went missing.”

Another of the men spoke up, “Eh? What are you on about now, girl?”

“On that island.”

They followed her gaze out across the water, and then looked worriedly at each other for a moment. “Is that why you disappeared this morning and are now just sitting in this Gods forsaken swamp?”She nodded.

The first man gave a resigned sigh, “Alright, you three stay with the girl. I’ll swim out and take a look.”

Several uncomfortable minutes passed as the three men waited impatiently with the girl as she continued to stare out across the water, having not moved since they found her. Eventually, the man returned and the look on his face was grim as he waded back to shore. “How did you know that would be here?”, he asked her.

She shrugged and stared at the ground before responding, “I don’t know, I just did.”

The other men exchanged puzzled glances until one voiced their questions, “What is it? What did she find?”

He ignored the questions, “You two, take her back to the church. You — you’re going to help me bring it back.”

They stared at him questioningly for a moment.


He watched as the two men reluctantly began the trek back to town with the girl in tow. Meanwhile, his remaining companion continued to look at him expectantly. Only once the others were well out of sight did he put the question to rest, “It’s a body.”

The Swamp Incident

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