“Deadforged” is an informal term for undead warforged. Specifically the undead warforged created by the artificer Ingam, which are the only undead warforged that any of The Gong Show have ever heard of.

A large number of the deadforged we encountered had a centaur-like body plan. It is not clear if they were like that before Ingam got to them, or if he is able to take existing warforged and reanimate them in new configurations. This seems likely since we encountered a warforged titan outside of the tower Ingam had set up shop in which was taking more or less whole warforged and breaking them down into smaller parts. Though it is also possible those warforged were just damaged beyond usabilty and were just being scrapped.

The ghulra (the symbol on the forehead of each warforged which is supposed to be unique) on the deadforged have been erased and replaced with a ghulra which is the same across all of the deadforged we have encountered.

The deadforged were being used go around slaughtering random peasant families in the area of the tower. The only plausible theory we have to explain this is that they were harvesting necromantic energies Ingam needed to create more deadforged.


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