The Gong Show

Session 23
The Kraken's Maw, pt. 4
Content Not Found: grey and Bergran d’Kundarak go out casing the warehouses
  • The nearest one looks unguarded and not very well secured
  • The eastern one is on the edge of a light manufacturing district
    • There are more local guards in this area
  • The last warehouse is in a crappy part of town but is well guarded and well secured
We decide to hit the third one
  • Content Not Found: grey picks the lock on the door
  • We hear noises and detect a number of people inside
  • Content Not Found: grey and JaiKondrai sneak in a ways, but Jai makes some noise
  • We decide to try and bluff them instead
  • They rush out to confront us
    • There is a big guy with an axe who is in charge and 8 or so guys with crossbows and shortswords
  • A story is concocted but a detail is flubbed and fighting ensues
  • We solidly trounce them. A couple of the regular guys are knocked out, one of them gets away and the rest are killed.
We loot the warehouse
  • The unconscious guys are put into a crate
  • We find helm of “ornate and strange workings”
  • 2 crates of Dreamlily
  • On the guards we find some silver, +1 greataxe, and +1 leather
  • small handful of rubies – 700GP worth
We think about what we know about Dreamlily
  • Narcotic
  • Many of the people who deal in it in Sarlonna are dissidents against The Inspired
  • The Inspired don’t like people to use it
  • Sollein knows all about the health effects
    • Every dose has a chance of being an overdose
    • Creates a feeling of peace
    • Can grant immunity to fear
  • We consider the possibilities of weaponizing it against The Inspired
    • JaiKondrai decides to try it during the next downtime
We hear whistles and flee the warehouse in an orderly fashion with our loot
  • We head to the airfield
  • We examine the helmet we got
    • It seems to have some preserving magic in place
    • It has some writing in draconic
    • Appears to be carved from a single piece of bone or scale
    • Doesn’t seem to do anything
    • Ithinil recalls stories of when dragons would take the shape of the people they walked among
      • It is a the helmet of someone who had turned out to be a dragon
We get on the airship with Mr. Frost and the prisoners
  • Sollein talks to Mr. Frost about where we are going and what the plan is
    • We are headed to an island in Eel Bay where we are going to drop off the prisoners with a Karrnathi transport
    • We will then be heading to the chain of islands south of Port Verge where we will try to intercept Ingam
      • We should have a week before Ingam gets there

Session 22
The Kraken's Maw, pt. 3
We sneak into the cave
  • Grey sneaks into the cave and spies on more Lyrandar agents for a bit
    • She sees the guy that we followed back
    • The other guys are incredulous that we supposedly let him go
      • They kill him
    • One of the Lyrandar agents says to another – "Tell Pyr. Let him know that we can be ready to leave within the hour"
  • The rest of the Gong Show sneaks up behind Grey
  • The guy who went to talk to Pyr comes back and says that he said to wait until they got the information out of Zanword Silver
  • We rush out and make them roll initiative
  • There are 5 more of the wand and rapier guys like we fought in the Black Swan and a mage-type person with a fan
  • We kill some, but one escapes further into the cave
  • We knock out the last two guys
  • We tie them up and take a 5 minute rest
We proceed down the hall to the next room
  • There is a white haired wizard looking guy with a couple of large lizard creatures and the guy who got away from the previous room
  • There is a brief intimidation back and forth which quickly results in combat
  • There is a dead body in the room who appears to have been electrocuted to death
  • After his friends are dead and a few rounds of beating him up against a wall, Pyr attempts to escape
  • Grey runs him down and kills him
  • Bergran gets new armor off the dead guy in the corner
  • We find a couple more Lyrandar signet rings
  • We get a +2 wand off of Pyr and four more +1 wands off of other guys and a Tempest Fan
In the back of the cave there is a small cell
  • We find the key on Pyr
  • In the cell is Zanword and Korren
  • We let them out and bind them up for transport along with the 2 other guys we captured earlier
  • We load up the drakes on a Floating Disk for later skinning
  • We take everything back to the Mr. Frost back at the inn
Back at the Inn
  • Mr. Frost has arranged for prisoner transport on an airship in the morning
  • We interrogate Zanword and Korren
    • We start by getting them drinks and diplomacizing. Sollein tends to their injuries.
  • We ask about Ingam
    • There was a fault in the teleportation circle network — he was sent to Regalport. He would have to take a ship from there
    • They don’t know what Ingam was up to. They were just hired to get him warforged and to get him the capability to transport large numbers of creatures
    • Zanword suspected something strange was going on because when he was setting up the teleportation circle in the tower, he never actually saw any of the warforged Korren had been sending him
      • This is kind of interesting because we estimate there had been several hundred — It sounds like Ingam was making a deliberate effort to hide his activies from Zanword and Korren
    • Ingam was supposed to meet them on a small chain of islands south of Port Verge in the next week
    • They knew Ingam from during the war — he had made use of their teleportation network
    • They knew House Cannith had been trying to get certain designs from Ingam, but he did not trust House Cannith to treat him fairly because he was not dragonmarked
    • They know he is a misfit from a family of fighters and such
    • He appears to have a warforged left arm, but he otherwise appears human
  • We ask about the cipher
    • We get the details of the cipher and the symbols for the locations
    • They have portals all over the place, including 2 on Sarlona
    • They mostly smuggle high value items, including dream lily
    • They occasionally transport people from Sarlona
      • Most of them are from Adar
  • We ask about the local smuggling operations
    • We get the locations of 3 warehouses, but they warn us that not all of the goods are illicit

Session 21
The Kraken's Maw, pt. 2

Play Log

We begin outside a tavern where we recovered some documents and fought some Lyrandar goons
  • The encoded documents are in common, but there are occassional odd symbols in them.
  • Mr. Frost is set up in an inn with some rooms
  • We make our way back to the inn, pretending to be drunkards. Bluff checks are rolled.
  • Jai makes note of what the surroundings are like in case she gets kidknapped and needs to try and figure out where she’s been taken
We pick up a week old copy of the Korranberg Chronicle.
  • There are several incidents of terrorism in Karrnath which officials claim have been perpetrated by rogue Lyrandar agents
  • Several failed attacks on the Karrnathi High Command, one general was injured but is expected to recover in a few days
  • Breland and Zilargo have publicly declared they will stay out of any regional conflicts in the Talenta Plains, and urges the dragon marked houses to do the same
  • Q’barra claims Valenar has been stirring up dissent in the native lizard folk and dragonborn, and are thoroughly occupied trying to suppress the dissent and secure their highly pourous border
  • Cost of iron and steel in Regalport have gone up recently
Back at the inn with Mr. Frost
  • Mr. Frost looks at the book with the names and numbers and declares it to be a betting ledger
  • He thinks we will need the key to decipher the coded documents
  • We determine based on the formatting that the ciphered docs contain some kind of navigational data
  • The ciphered doc is 3 pages
  • We manage to work out a few patterns in the symbols and that the patters appear different on each page
  • There is a symbol which appears a number of times, likely representing a proper noun
Bergran and Pika interrogate the prisoner while the others work on the cipher
  • It looks like he had a ring on his right index finger which he no longer has
  • Pika shocks himself in the genitals. And makes intimidate checks.
  • What were you looking for in the bar?
    • “The papers. We were there for the papers.”
  • What papers? What do you want them for?
    • “The portal notes. The activation commands.”
  • Whose portal was this exactly?
    • “What’s his name… Silver.”
  • Who were all those people you murdered in the bar?
  • If you had found these papers are you sure you’d even be able to read them?
    • Silver would have been able to read them”
  • So Silver is a member of your organization, as well as Korren’s organization?
    • “No, we captured him and Korren when we raided the bar”
  • Why do they want the papers and the teleportation codes?
  • What is your interest in Gatherhold?
  • What does the Oncoming Storm want?
    • “A home. We just want a home.”
    • House Lyrandar wants a land to call their own.”
  • This doesn’t make sense to us, because they already have their own city and other holdings. Also, a dragonmarked house having its own nation would be against the agreement which established the dragonmarked houses (Korth Edicts).
  • We begin to suspect that this is actually an Inspired plot to reignite war on the continent, and that House Lyrandar is being directly manipulated
  • We share our theory with the prisoner to try and get him on our side a little. This doesn’t get us very far, but we might have shaken his beliefs a little.
  • We hatch a plan to let him go and follow him back to his base
Early the next morning, Pika pretends to be secretly on his side and sets him free
  • Grey successfully tails him and we follow her a ways back
  • He leads us out of town to a cave near the beach


The Gong Show is level 6 starting this session
This is the first session to be recorded. Audio available on request.

Session 20
The Kraken's Maw
We arrive in Port Verge
  • Mr. Frost gives us a more in depth briefing
  • Korren is a half-orc
  • Korren has gained a high ranking position in a criminal organization
  • He deals in smuggling and slaves in addition to his merc agency
  • Korren bribes the prince so the local constabulary will not be on our side
  • Korren changes the location of his H.Q. every few months
  • Keeps close to the docks to stay close to his smuggling operations
Gathering info around town
  • We come up with some warforged mercs we are familiar with
  • Ithinil knew a Wrench of the Whiteshield Company
  • Sollein knows of the Hammer Slammers
  • Jai knows a Sprocket in the Adamantine Company
  • We head to a tavern on the docks to gather info
  • We claim to be looking for a warforged merc (Wrench) who owes us money
  • The barkeep doesn’t believe us, but seems to know something
  • We come up with a more elaborate story which we pretend that we were covering up
  • He buys the story and directs us to another tavern – the Black Swan
We get ambushed in a alleyway
  • Seems to be a simple mugging
  • We kill all of the minions, chase off one leader and capture another
  • We interrogate him and he confirms the Black Swan
At the Black Swan
  • There are bodies everywhere inside
  • Lots of signs of violence
  • No half-orcs or half-elves
  • One of them is a minotaur
  • Most of the bodies appear stabbed to death (rapier) and one appears bludgeoned
  • We find 40GP which goes to the party fund
  • Ithinil finds a book/ledger with lots of names and numbers
  • Bergran finds some papers written in a cipher
  • We find a trap door leading to a small secret basement
  • There is a teleportation circle and we find more ledgers
  • Jai breaks the teleportation circle
  • We start to leave
As we are leaving, another group shows up
  • We rush out to interrogate them, but they attack
  • 6 guys with wands and rapiers and one more who appears to be the leader
  • Fighting happens
  • Sollein accidentally raises one of them as a strange type of undead
  • We beat them eventually
  • One of them escapes and we capture another
  • He says something to the effect of "I would rather die than bertray the Oncoming Storm"
  • They are all half-elves with the Mark of Storm
  • Possible connection to the group which tried to blow up the train?
  • We loot the bodies and come away with 350GP, 6 +1 wands and set of +1 armor
  • We leave to head back to Mr. Frost with the prisoner and all the docs

Session 19
The Artificer's Tower, pt. 4
Back in town
  • We rest for the night and regroup in the morning to plan
  • Bergran and Sollein investigate looking for any way to get in via underground
  • Grey talks to the Abbot who is planning the assualt
  • The tower used to be a local seat of government
  • Jai talks to old people investigating “Old Jeb”
    • He tells her there were mines to the NW, but he’s not sure if they linked up with the tower
    • Tower has been haunted since the dwarves disappeared
    • Other dwarves have tried to resettle since, but it never lasts
    • The Moldron Clan disappeared 5 centuries ago
    • The village was on the SE edge of their territory
We meet a mysterious stranger in the tavern
  • He appears to be partially made out of stone
  • He’s a wandering freelance mercenary looking for work
  • He seems to know how killing things and taking their stuff works
  • He basically refuses to not come with us
  • “Ithinil” joins the party
We leave at midnight the next night w/ the Abbot & the monks
  • scouts report no activity around the tower
  • Jai break down the front door
  • There is one of the Deadforged painting over a teleportation circle
  • It looks like the tp circle has been painted over for the past couple of days
  • The circle is huge and looks like it could have moved that whole Deadforged army across the continent
We go up to the next floor in the tower
  • we find some tracks leading down and following them backwards up to the top of the tower
  • there is an octagonal room with three empty chests
  • Also, three tables – one appears to have a smashed alchemy set, another has a saw
  • There is a fireplace with burned papers
  • Make Whole on the ashes nets a lab book with designs for the residuum bomb we found in Sharn way back in the day
We follow the human tracks the other way and they lead back out of the tower
  • they lead to a secret door outside the tower
  • it is a small hidden stable that has been emptied recently
  • There are two sets of horse tracks leaving the stable about a day old
  • The tracks lead to the NE – Frostmantle is the nearest major city to the NE

The evidence seems conclusive that the Deadforged were being created in the tower

We head back to town and the airship is there
  • The airship captain, the Karrnathi ambassador and a nondescript fellow are there
  • The nondescript fellow is Mr. Frost of the Karrnathi intelligence service
  • He’s been tracking Ingam for some time
  • Ingam likely has mage bred mounts and will get to his immediate destination quickly
  • Sources indicate Ingram has been working with a mercenary agent named Korren (half-orc)
  • Korren has been supplying Ingam with most of the warforged he’s been using
  • Korren is connected with some criminal organizations
  • He has an Lt. named Zanword Silver (half-elf) whose specialty is teleportation circles
  • Zanword is a pedobear.
  • He maintains a portal network
  • He was kicked out of House Orien
  • Mr. Frost makes the ambassador’s offer to Bergran official
We leave on the airship for Port Verge
  • Sollein studies the lab book along the way

Session 18
The Artificer's Tower, pt. 3
Asking around town
  • There are some ruins to the NW
  • Some people have claimed the ruins are haunted
  • It’s a tower of some kind
We borrow some horses and head to the ruins
  • We arrive at the ruins and look for an entrance
  • We find encounter a warforged titan with 4 arms
  • Piles of warforged components and body parts surround it
  • It looks like it is cutting up warforged bodies and sorting the pieces into piles
  • We attack
We win and continue to survey the area
  • The dead warforged appear to have died in battle
  • The creature was an undead living construct
  • It had a symbol of a red dragon scale
  • It looks like a shaped scale for armor
  • We find a secret back entrance
We proceed into the fortress
  • We travel down a dark passage
  • It opens up into a room with 5 warforged and a gong
    • The gong is an alarm and JaiKondrai uses psychic powers to keep the warforged from getting to it.
  • We fight and kill the warforged
  • These warforged also have the red dragon scale symbol
  • We think we might have seen something like it in Trolanport
  • Jai remembers the guy doing the play about the Kaluun who had red armor (The Sons of Kaluun)
  • Could there be a connection between these undead warforged and Blacktree?
  • Bergran finds a limerick fragment
  • We keep the gong, and thus become The Gong Show
We proceed to the next room
  • there is a large locked door
  • it is trapped and locked
  • the trap is disabled and the lock is picked
  • We peek through the door and see 6 humanoid figures
  • We set up a trap and lure one out
  • it is one of the crossbow guys we fought earlier
  • We kill him, but then the rest come through
  • They overwhelm us initially, but we fall back to the hallway and regroup
  • The warforged monks show up
  • We eventually win and decide to head back to town

Session 17
The Artificer's Tower, pt. 2
We continue on to the monastary
  • As we are approaching the monastary, we hear a loud thumping that repeats at intervals
  • “Grey” scouts ahead and spots some warforged in artic camo
  • Roughly half have centaur-like body plans
  • They appear to be trying to break down the monastary door with a balista
  • We attack
  • We defeat the warforged with superior tactics
  • The warforged all have the marks on their foreheads modified to be the same
The monks open the doors and tell us to bring the dead warforgeds’ ammo
  • We wheel in the balista, too
  • Everyone in the monastary is a warforged
  • They served in Aundair during the war fighting the Karrnathi and were set free at the end of the war
  • They had been converted to the Silver Flame by a priest that served with them
  • The sieging warforged came from the west
  • Some warforged had gone missing from the monastary 2-3 weeks ago, and appear to have been among * the warforged assaulting the monastary
  • The sieging warforged have no apparent command structure
  • There are 50 of the centaur-forged amassed at the main gate on the north side
  • We had come in a smaller, better fortified door on the south
[Speculation] – Someone is kidnapping warforged, erasing their identity and turning them into quasi-mindless servents
  • This is likely the same person or group that recieved the drop of warforged parts from Ingam
  • The monastary was likely being sieged just to acquire more bodies for the ranks
We form a cunning plan
  • We unleash a flury of flaming arrows and balista bolts with alchemist’s fire
  • The idea is to start some fires and the sneak out the back in the confusion
  • However, this just provokes an all out assault
  • We decide to use the opportunity to crush the the host
  • However, after a few rounds (3), drums sound in the distance and the assaulting warforged retreat
  • We abandon the monastary and return to the town with all of the warforged from the monastary
We are well recieved in town and spend the night

Session 16
The Artificer's Tower

On the way back to Korranberg we bluff Harwin that we bluffed the Kobolds into letting him go
He seems skeptical, but he doesn’t really question it

Returning to Jaqueir’s office
  • It’s messier
  • Their father died while we were away in the mines and doesn’t want to talk to us, atm.
  • He puts us up for the night at an inn
  • He has been unable to make any progress on the prophecy
  • It may be an undiscovered part of the original draconic prophecy, which is outside his area of expertise, which is why he can’t figure it out
  • He will refer us to another expert on the draconic prophecy
  • A group of dragonborn make a yearly pilgrimage to The Boneyard in the Talenta Plains
  • Jaquier is going to comp us for rescuing his brother since he couldn’t hold up his end of the bargain (1000gp)
While Bergran is chilling in the tavern…
  • Some armored guys ask him to appear at the Karrnathi consulate tomorrow
  • The next day, all of us meet with Kevand ed ved keer [Please insert correct spelling]
  • Wants Bergran to help clear his mentor (and himself)
He gives us the story of the item which Bergran and his mentor had been guarding
  • [My notes on the back story are pretty sketchy, so if anyone wants to fill in some detail here or correct something, feel free]
  • It was the year 993YK
  • He was an Lt. on a ship moving stuff out of Xen’Drik
  • They stopped another ship heading out of Stormreach
  • Bloody battle in which the guys on the ship all fight to the death
  • They find a chest on board and are ordered to bring it back
  • the chest is delivered to the Kundarak vaults
  • He was then given a command position
  • Loses the position when the artifact is stolen
  • He recently gained information regarding the artifact
  • He believes finding the true thief will clear them
  • An artificer named Ingam made a “dead drop” of some warforged parts in the Mror Holds a week ago
Jaquier gets us the info on the draconic prophecy expert the next day
Messenger from Kevand gives us info on the travel arrangements
  • Air skiff with an non- Lyrander captain
  • It takes us about a week to get there
  • Air skiff will be back in the village in about a week
  • The village is SE of Noldrunthrone
  • Village is 6mi NW of the drop point
  • We get dropped off near the village
Talking to the gate guard at the village
  • tells us some farms have been raided
  • People killed in their best clothes
  • Tells us to talk to Kaut – village priest of the Silver Flame
  • Had a couple of traders come through 2-3 weeks ago with empty wagons
  • There is a monastary on the hill about 10mi north of the village which they haven’t heard from since the attacks
Hanging in the tavern
  • People are worried
  • raids ocurred during the day
  • victims used colored smoke to signal they were under attack
  • attacks on fairly large homestead
  • the people killed had weapons and attempted to fight back
  • No major feuds or enmities
  • 7 or 8 different attacks
  • No one has heard of Ingam
  • No known artificers about
Visiting Kaut the next morning
  • Doesn’t know any artificers
  • No ideas about the attacks
  • He had hoped some brothers would come down from the monastary
  • Many of the brothers are warforged
We go check out the drop site
  • Snowball fight!
  • We find some tracks passing through the clearing probably from when the package was dropped
  • We find where it looks like the package was hidden
  • Pika detects a magical signature indicating that something strange was in the area in recent history
Heading to the monastary
  • We see signal smoke and head towards it
  • We find another homestead that’s just been slaughtered
  • We see some figures fleeing into the forest but we don’t catch any details
  • We find some tracks that look quadrapedish
A posse arrives from the village and we follow them as they pursue the tracks into the forest
  • We find a guy with a crossbow bolt in him
  • We patch him up and send him back to town
  • We find another half dozen or so, and 2 are dead
  • They were attacked by something white and centaur shaped
  • We find more tracks but lose them in a stream

Session 15
Zilargo: The Deep Mine, pt. 2
We head South out of the East Silver Seam
  • We pass through some large metal doorways
  • We cross a large rope bridge across a chasm
  • We come to a crossroads
  • The crossroads turns out to be a network of caves
  • We trigger a trap
  • It’s a dungeon complex!
We encounter a room filled with Kobolds
  • We lure a couple out of minions and kill them
  • The ruse fails to work a second time and the fight is on
  • We fight until there is one koblold left, who is then intimidated into surrendering
  • The kobold is from the water clan(?)
  • The kobold offers to lead us to the Blind Ones
  • We discuss strategy for ransoming back the prisoner on the way
Arriving at the Blind Ones camp
  • It seems like the whole clan is in attendance
  • They tell us they captured the gnome to lure us there
  • They wanted to meet the ones who see the Great Dragon’s Daughter rise
  • The “Great Dragon” refers to Khyber
  • Tiamat is believed to be the daughter of Eberron by surfacers
  • She will rise “far away” such that the Blind Ones will not witness this themsleves
  • They let us leave with Harwin without incident
On the way back, we begin to hear the sound of many kobolds behind us as we approach the rope bridge
  • We hurry across the bridge, but the metal door is shut and barred
  • Harwin sets about getting the people on the other side to open the door
  • We begin attacking the ropes as a horde of kobolds swarms across the bridge
  • We are able to hold the line at the end of the bridge as dozens of kobolds are slain before we are able to sever the rope on a side
  • Many kobolds slide off the bridge as it sags to one side, and their advance is halted
  • Soon after, the door opens and the defenders of East Silver Seam rush out and help us finish off the near side of the bridge

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Michael Niswander Also, my notes from the previous session seem to have completely disappeared. Let me know if you come across them any where.
August 21 at 1:11pm · Like

Heidi Hickman We didnt have gold from this, but we got a bag of holding and food, right?
August 21 at 2:46pm · Like

Jonathan McCalip specifically, the party has two bags of holding. you only took a few days food from the rations supplied by Lefty for your search for the Blind Ones.

Session 14
Zilargo: The Deep Mine

I cannot find my notes from this game session, but I don’t think too much meta-plot happened here.

Rough Summary
  • We take the train to The Deep Mine
  • We find out the local Kobold tribes have claimed a bunch of territory, and the East Silver Seam is now behind enemy lines
  • Someone in a in a tavern asks us to take some bags of holding filled with supplies to the East Silver Seam.
    • For payment, we can keep the bags
  • We make our way down into the mine and end up fighting a kobold war band and we completely wipe it out
  • We get to the East Silver Seam and they have managed to hold out against the kobold attacks
  • However, Harwin has been captured by one of the kobold tribes known as the Blind Ones


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