The Gong Show

Session 12
Among the Canals of Trolanport, pt. 3

I don’t really have notes for this session.

I think we started trying to track down Chaek again, and ended up finding and fighting an Inspired agent.

The Inspired had some kind of big psionic crystal and a bunch of psionic thralls that appeared to be prepped for transport.

Chaek was tied up in the back and finding him allowed Grey’s father to be released.

In retrospect, this seems like a really significant session. Anyone else should feel free to provide any details they can remember.

Session 11
Among the Canals of Trolanport, pt. 2
We travel an hour or so underground
  • We arrive at a 30’ ladder up to a trap door
  • Grey goes up and investigates
  • Large room that appears to be an old crypt with sarcophogi and large spiky idols
  • The roof is caved in in one corner and open to the sun
  • There are goblinoid carvings on the sarcophagi and they are sized for bugbears
  • 3 of the sarcophagi have broken seals
  • 1 looks heavily disturbed
    • Jai puts a large rock on it
  • The idols are ancient idols to The Traveler and show signs of ancient human sacrifice
The vampire eventually emerges and we fight
  • The vampire also turns out to also be an Inspired
  • We kill it
  • We loot the sarcophagi and find some goblin stuff, including 2 robes and a scepter
  • The vampire had some kind of document, but it was ruined by all of the holy water we used
  • We find another exit to the surface and leave
We return to town
  • The Trust says they will reimburse us for the holy water and pay us
  • They are still keeping Grey’s father for the day
We head back to the Medani chapter house
  • Payment is waiting for us there — 500gp each + expenses
  • We sleep
Grey meets her father the next day
  • Chaek approached him about testing Karresh Security
  • The other Chaek got brought to him while he was being held
  • Grey’s cousin is in Korranberg studying

Session 10
Among the Canals of Trolanport
We arrive in Trolanport after a week of travel time
  • We head to the Medani chapter house
  • Grey’s father disappeared about a week ago
  • He was on an official Medani job
  • No one at the chapter house knows what he was up to
  • The chapter house is obviously being watched
We get questioned by The Trust again
  • They do the magical darkness and lineup thing again
  • Grey recognizes her father again
  • The gnomes have her father in custody but won’t say why
  • They want us to solve a series of murders/disappearances
  • 32 dead/missing gnomes, all but one were members of The Trust
  • They died from blood loss and a vampire is suspected
  • They want outsiders to solve these crimes to resolve some racial political tension
  • They do not suspect House Medani at all in these crimes
We spend the night at the Medani compound
  • We get the case file the next morning
  • The bodies were taken someplace away from where they were killed
We go talk to the local high priest of the Blood of Vol
  • He is a vampire, so he has placed himself under house arrest to allay suspiscion
  • He is aware of 2 other vampires in the city
  • One is dead, the other left town awhile ago
  • He does suspect that there is yet another vampire in the city
  • 2-3 murders at the beginning of the week, 2-3 a few days later, and so on
We head to the local House Sivis chapter house
  • The missing messenger was dragonmarked
  • Someone named Chaek and Grey’s father had a contract notarized by her
Back to the Medani chapter house
  • A month before Grey’s father disappeared, he met with a gnome
  • They have no information on any Chaeks of Sharn
  • Chaek possibly contracted Grey’s father to do something
Looking for Chaek
  • Diplomacy and streetwise around town
  • Chaek returned to Sharn about a month ago
  • Another Chaek was in town from Zolanberg for a day about a week ago
  • Local authorities looked into Chaek of Sharn, and passed it along to the Sharn guard who haven’t found him
  • Chaek of Zolanberg got outed recently as a member of The Trust, and has since become a public face for them
  • The guard gives us the location of some cave entrances
We head into the cave system
  • The entrance is near an old Sovereign Host temple and near where one of the bodies was found
  • It leads down into some catacombs
  • We talk to a groundskeeper and determine that he is a thrall
  • We the thralldom and call the guard
We head down into the darkness
  • we fight lots of rats

Session 9
Aboard the Zil Express
On the train to Korranberg, near dawn, half an hour out from Adventurer’s Station
  • Noise from the engine car
  • 2 bandits bring engineers into our car
  • 2 more bandits come in from the other side
  • Combat ensues
    • We end up knocking them out
  • The brakes have been disabled
  • We begin fixing the brakes and manage to get them all working again
  • In the engine room, we find the engineers dead
  • The elemental in the core is escaping
  • We eject the core and stop the train
The bandits turn out to be Lyrandar agents trying to assassinate a Karnathi ambassador who was on the train
  • Possibly related to Lyrandar increases in prices and attempts to marginalize Karrnath
Off the train in Korranberg
  • We are taken to a dark room by agents of The Trust
  • Grey is shown a series of images of faces
  • She recognizes an image of her father
  • House Orien gives us a letter of credit – 1355gp
  • Grey translates the last page of the journal
Heading to the library to find Jaquier
Grey sends a message to her father who is on special assignment in Trolanport
  • The Sivis agent who was delivering the message disappeared
  • We head out for Trolanport via elemental cart

Session 8
In the town of Farthang on the Kingsroad
  • We get a newspaper
  • A farmer accosts us with a sad tale about giant snails attacking his orchard
    • “Giant” — man sized
    • At least 10 of them
  • Gnome named Artie stops us and offers to buy the shells
    • Artie is from a theatre company doing a play about the house wars
    • He wants the shells to make stage armor for The Sons of Kaluun
      • They wore red dragon scale armor and came from “the far continent”
      • The Sons of Kaluun were an order of monks from southern Sarlona
      • They returned to Sarlona after having retrieved lost arcane knowledge which was lost during a war with the Inspired
    • The war of the mark involved the Mark of Death
      • Sharn was damaged by Lord Tarkanen and his Lady who did something…
      • Refugees from the war sought sanctuary in Sharn with Lord Tarkanen
    • Artie also had a hunter friend that went missing
At the orchard
  • 10 snails
  • monopods – save vs knocked prone
  • high AC and fort
  • low will and reflex
  • spit acid
  • Snails dissolve in water
  • 4 snails dissolved and 6 killed normally
Back in town

Session 7
The Monster of Vevrier Keep
On the road to Vevrier Keep
Ambush on the road
  • The road is blocked by a felled tree
  • Attack by Scarlet Roavers, probably
  • 6 bandit minions get knocked out
  • spell caster – knocked out
  • Scarlet Jack(?) – knocked out
  • 40gp recovered from them
  • Orb of Psionic Recovery & Manifester Warhammer +1 obtained
  • We clear the tree and continue with prisoners in tow
Arrival at Vevrier Keep
  • We get 50gp each for successfully escorting the caravan there by sunset
  • We turn in the Scarlet Roavers and collect our reward
  • We get set up for the night at an inn – Three Antlers
  • The guards tell us there is a curfew at sunset
  • Lord Vevrier is out looking for his son in the woods
  • Grey streetwises – An adamantine vein has been struck in the mine recently
  • Cpt. Davick has called everyone in at some point to question them about missing children
The next day
  • The gnome was arrested in suspicion in connection with the disappearances
  • The captain of the guard is missing in the keep somewhere
  • Only small children disappearing
    • 5 missing so far, including the Lord’s son
  • Started with the lord’s son — who happens to be the only child living in the keep
  • Disappearances are concentrated around the keep
  • Families with missing children seem to have missing time from the night the children disappeared
  • Claw marks on walls outside of windows where children went missing
  • The room has a faint smell of grey ooze
  • Lord Vevrier recently had a new sewer dug for the town
  • We let the Lt. know that we are going into the sewers
Into the sewer
  • Attacked by 2 rat swarms, grey ooze, unknown creature
  • We chase the creature into a sealed room under the castle that had been breached by the new sewer
  • The creature is a weakened vampire
    • It had been gathering children to use to block a source of powerful radiant energy in the room
    • the Captain of the guard is there and dominated by the vampire
  • We defeat the vampire and the ghost of a paladin appears
    • The ghost is an ancestor of the family ruling the keep and is known as “The Dragonslayer”
    • This wasn’t in my notes, but I think he gave us the story about how the vampire got there
    • He gives us a couple of dragon shards
      • The dragon shards give us a couple more pieces of The Prophecy
        • The second sign is that they will rescue the heir of the dragon slayer
        • The ninth sign shall be known to you that they shall stand in the sepulchre on the Talentia Plains on the 14th Day of Nimh
We return the children
  • We get 1900gp and our selection of a Lvl 1 magic item each

Session 6
Tracking Blacktree, pt. 3
Visiting an artificer
  • Manage to reconstruct 37% of one book that was mostly destroyed by the midget fire giant
  • Elise” appears many times throughout the book
  • 15GP for the ritual
  • “Grey” fails her comprehend languages ritual for the day
  • Jai makes a copy of the book with Amanuensis
Heading to Morgrave
  • Provost gives us directions
  • We go to the ancient languages dpt to find someone to translate the reconstructed book
  • Garren Sevnt agrees to translate it for 10GP
  • He will drop it off at the Menthis Plateau guard station by morning
To the prophecy department
  • The prophecy was probably originally in draconic
  • The ambigous gender pronoun is “he”
  • Had to prevail over the abomination
  • The prophecy probably dates from the goblin empire (Dhakaan)
  • Need to talk to Jaquier who is an expert in prophecies from that time period
    • He is in Korranberg
Ambush in the library
  • Several figures burst in through the windows and one walks in though the door behind us
  • Frost wizard from the previous ambush
  • Twin brother of the archer from the previous ambush
  • Large burly man with axe
  • A lady in leather armor with a large sword who appears to be the leader of the Tarkanan cell
  • Wizard and the leader are killed
  • burly guy is captured by the guards, archer is knocked out and captured
  • We were only able to loot the leader and the wizard
    • 600GP, Repulsion leather armor +1, Cloak of Resistance + 1, Plus another 200GP for getting everyone out of the library safely

Session 5
Tracking Blacktree, pt. 2
Still outsite the law offices of Bibbis and Gwibb
  • The archer did leave a corpse after his swan dive and appears dead
  • The Assassin we killed also had an aberrant dragon mark
  • The guy in chain mail is bound and handed over to the guard
Back to the guard station in Menthis Plateau
  • Prior resident of the townhome was a Magnus Blacktree
  • Served in a Cyrian unit during the last war
  • His service records are still classified by Breland
  • His commanding officer was Bren Ir’Gaden
  • Bren is in a hospice in upper Northedge (in Sharn)
  • House Tarkanan is almost certainly still after us
  • House Tarkanan assassins operate in cells
  • One cell typically pursues a contract at a time, although others could be called in for support
  • They would likely have our regular haunts staked out
At the address given to us by Mahfuzz the minotaur
  • Ghnem was talking to a gnome when we entered
  • Mahfuzz recognized the archer he roflstomped as one of a set of twins
  • The gnome has a caravan of mining supplies headed east to Vevere Keep
  • He wants to hire us as caravan guards
  • Ghnem wants to know what we know about Blacktree
  • We tell him everything we know except the part about the prophecy
  • Ghnem had been abducted from the market and beaten for information about us
  • The people that abducted him were The Tyrants
    • a changeling gang from the Dragon’s eye district
  • The Tyrants were hired by Blacktree and were probably also the source of some of the flunkies in the townhome
  • Ghnem was already aware that Blacktree had left town on an airship
  • Ghnem has worked with Captain Hideaki in the past
  • The significance of the crown/skull that we sold him is that there is a clan in Darghuun trying to make a claim for power and change the direction of the country. To do this they need a number of artifacts to legitimize their claim.
  • We rest for the night
At Kaluun Steelworks the next morning
  • We fight a midget fire giant who can’t move and a metric ass load of forge golems
  • During the fight, the “giant” destroys some documents
  • We recover the remaining document scraps and ash after the fight in hopes of using a make whole ritual on it
  • The fragments appear to be in Riedran
  • We also recovered some potion looking things which a 17 arcana check indicates are magical components for something
  • On the way out of the area, Jai buys some potions
At the hospice talking to Colonel Bren Ir’Gaden
  • Magnus Blacktree died about 30 years into the last war
  • Magnus had the family “birthmark”
  • The birthmark appears to actually be a large scar across his left shoulder and torso which looks like something large tried to eat him
  • Bren has never met any other Blacktrees
  • Magnus was very jaded and cavalier about life “as if he were an old man”
  • Kayus of Karnath began experimenting in the early years of the war with a machine that would raise undead after a battle
  • A spell was developed to counteract this that would teleport fallen soldiers off the battlefield after death
  • Body would be teleported to the location of a stone slab unique to each soldier
  • Each slab is somewhere around 6′×3′×2″, made of slate and platinum
  • The slabs were located in Cyre
  • The magic of the spell slowly killed the people it was placed on
  • Bren’s unit was one of the few experimental units the spell was placed on
  • [speculation] Blacktree had his slab in Sharn when we killed him
  • Magnus was beheaded by Karnathi soldiers after being captured, for a later speak with dead ritual (a ruthless, but effective means of interrogating prisoners).
  • Magnus’ body teleported away 5 minutes after death as would have been expected
  • The body would have been interred as customary for any falled soldier
  • Magnus had requested to be in one of the special units that had the posthumous teleportation spell placed on them
  • Magnus was not Cyrian, and appeared to have a Sarlonan accent

Session 4
Tracking Blacktree
We return to Blacktree’s townhome (where had previously tracked the misty aberration back to and disabled the explodey device)
  • We don’t find anything new
“Grey” makes a streetwise check regarding Blacktree
  • Likes to be called “Lord” Blacktree, but no one knows if he is actually some kind of noble
  • He has lots of money
We use Bergran‘s contacts in house Kundarak to gather information about Blacktree’s finances
  • Blacktree withdrew his entire account as residuum (50,000 gp worth) the previous day (which would have been the day after he attacked us and “died”)
  • He made the withdrawal from the branch near the air ship docks
  • The agent in the bank who made the transaction visually confirmed his identity and he appeared normal
  • He did not set off any “undead wards”
  • He had been making many large transactions over the last few months
We go to the airfields and “Grey” makes another streetwise check and we talk to airship captains
  • A man matching Blacktree’s description boarded a privately chartered airship yesterday
  • The airship was headed east
  • The captain of the airship is a freelancer notorious for not following his filed flight plans
    • Also a smuggler who will go places other airship captains will not go
  • The flight plan that was filed said they were going to Zilargo (Gnomish nation)
    • The provision load they were carrying and the captain’s reputation suggests that’s not the actual destination
Talking to Sgt. Cole Dorak at the Menthis Plateau guard station
  • Blacktree is the beneficiary of the Kaluun Trust
  • The Kaluun trust is a very old trust fund managed by the Bibbis and Gwibb law firm
  • We are offered 40gp to aquire the file on the trust or to get them to release it to the police
  • The explodey device from Blacktree‘s townhome was confiscated by the King’s Wands (FBI-like organization in Breland)
  • (I did not have this written down for some reason so the details might be off) The Lieutenant in charge of the investigation was murdered at the townhome while waiting for an evidence team to show up
Talkig to Sir Tamil of the King’s Wands who was in the guard station morgue
  • He is there investigating the body of the dolgaunt we killed in the townhome
  • The dolgaunt has some kind of ritual scar (Khyber cult related?)
  • The explodey device is something that could be easily reproduced and scaled up given enough time and resources
Newspaper headline – Tensions rise between Valenar (warrior elf nation) and Halfling-Karnathi alliance
  • House Lyrandar had formed an alliance with Valenar over the possibility of creating a half-elf homeland in Valenar
At the Bibbis and Gwibb Law Offices
  • We pose as House Medani inquisitives investigating Blacktree’s suspicious account activity on behalf of House Kundarak
    • This works out really well because “Grey” and Bergram are members of House Medani and House Kundarak respectively
  • The Kaluun Trust (I didn’t have most of this written down, but our characters have the all the documentation so we should be able to confirm these details easily)
    • The trust is hunreds of years old
    • Always has only 1 beneficiary at a time
    • The new beneficiary is always identified by having a specific birth mark
    • The total value of the trust is in the neighborhood of 1M gp
    • ~50,000 gp of property in Sharn was sold off recently
    • One property in particular was retained: Kaluun Steelworks in the lower cogs
      • [speculation] This could be where the explodey device was constructed
  • We convince them to give us a copy of the account file
  • We also seem to convince them it would be in their interest to freeze the account
  • [speculation] Blacktree could have other accounts/resources outside of Sharn
Ambush outside of the law office
  • They appeared to be mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins or the like
  • 4 Attackers:
    • Archer: jumps off a bridge after being pwned by minotaur
      • We should check if there is a body
    • Assassin (as in the class): killed
    • Fighter type in chainmail: subdued
    • Spellcaster (frost mage?): clean getaway
  • Loot: 40 sp
  • A minotaur shows up near the end of the fight and pwns archer
    • He works for the goblin who we sold the skull/crown to, Ghnem
    • He tells us that House Tarkanan (aberrant dragonmarks) has been hired to assassinate us
      • The guy we subdued does bear an aberrant dragonmark, confirming this
    • The goblin fence and friends have also been attacked by a House Tarkanan assassins
    • The minotaur requests on behalf of Ghnem that we meet with them later
      • I forgot to write down the location

Session 3
The Mark of Prophecy, pt. 2

Vague Summary

  • We are hanging in a tavern and someone gives us an invite to receive an award for saving the city
  • We get in an air taxi to go across town
  • We are attacked by a human looking guy and some goblins riding hover boards while flying over Sharn
  • The attackers are killed and the leader plummets to the ground below
  • We go find the body, and I think we get a few coins and his travelling papers
  • The ID indicates that it is the same guy (Blacktree) who owned the condo that had the bomb in it
  • The body disappears
  • We continue to our destination and confirm the award was just a ruse to draw us out


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