The Gong Show

Session 2
The Mark of Prophecy

Rough Summary

  • Back in Sharn
  • The party is hired to guard a social event of some kind (an award ceremony?)
  • A misty aberration appears and attacks
  • It is whispering/mumbling/chanting something that we can’t quite make out
  • We manage to get all the civilians clear
  • We kill the monster and follow its trail down the tower we are in
  • It leads to an apartment filled with assorted mercenaries
  • In a back room, there is a large, complex magical device
  • There are some guys operating it, including a dolgaunt(?)
  • We kill the guys operating the device and disable it
  • The device appears to have been a residuum powered bomb powerful enough to destroy most of Sharn
  • We recover 500 residuum from the bomb

Session 1
Dungeon Crawl!

We raided an old Dhakaani tomb in the Dragonwood Forest.

The notable treasure that we brought back was a goblin crown fused to a goblin skull. We sold this along with some other Dhakaani artifacts to the goblin fence Ghnem.


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