Mercenary agent and local organized crime mogul in Port Verge



Korren hasn’t showed up yet that we know of. All or most of what we know about him has been told to us by Mr. Frost.

He is mentioned in these sessions:

Things we know

  • He’s a half-orc
  • Mercenary agent
    • He provided warforged mercenaries to Ingam that provided the much of the bodies he used to make the Deadforged.
  • Has an lieutenant named Zanword Silver
  • He has a high ranking position in a criminal organization
  • He’s got smuggling and slave trafficking operations
  • He bribes the constabulary in Port Verge, so we can’t expect any help from the local authorities
  • Changes the location of his HQ every few months
    • Keeps close to the docks to keep an eye on his operations


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