Arandis Kaluun



Session 8


Arandis Kaluun is a historical figure from the time of the War of the Mark.

He was the leader of a group of monks known as The Sons of Kaluun who fled Sarlona to escape the inspired. He and his lover Elise were sheltered by Lord Halas Tarkanan at his stronghold in Sharn. However, an Inspired infiltrated his group of monks and killed Elise and cursed Arandis to never die. Arandis then returned Elise’s body to her family crypt in Sarlona.


It seems likely that Blacktree is Arandis Kaluun, as Blacktree also doesn’t seem to be able to die. Also, Blacktree was the benificiary of the Kaluun Trust and owned the Kaluun Steelworks. In the Kaluun Steelworks were some documents that mentioned Elise.

Arandis Kaluun

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