The Gong Show

Session 23

The Kraken's Maw, pt. 4

Content Not Found: grey and Bergran d’Kundarak go out casing the warehouses
  • The nearest one looks unguarded and not very well secured
  • The eastern one is on the edge of a light manufacturing district
    • There are more local guards in this area
  • The last warehouse is in a crappy part of town but is well guarded and well secured
We decide to hit the third one
  • Content Not Found: grey picks the lock on the door
  • We hear noises and detect a number of people inside
  • Content Not Found: grey and JaiKondrai sneak in a ways, but Jai makes some noise
  • We decide to try and bluff them instead
  • They rush out to confront us
    • There is a big guy with an axe who is in charge and 8 or so guys with crossbows and shortswords
  • A story is concocted but a detail is flubbed and fighting ensues
  • We solidly trounce them. A couple of the regular guys are knocked out, one of them gets away and the rest are killed.
We loot the warehouse
  • The unconscious guys are put into a crate
  • We find helm of “ornate and strange workings”
  • 2 crates of Dreamlily
  • On the guards we find some silver, +1 greataxe, and +1 leather
  • small handful of rubies – 700GP worth
We think about what we know about Dreamlily
  • Narcotic
  • Many of the people who deal in it in Sarlonna are dissidents against The Inspired
  • The Inspired don’t like people to use it
  • Sollein knows all about the health effects
    • Every dose has a chance of being an overdose
    • Creates a feeling of peace
    • Can grant immunity to fear
  • We consider the possibilities of weaponizing it against The Inspired
    • JaiKondrai decides to try it during the next downtime
We hear whistles and flee the warehouse in an orderly fashion with our loot
  • We head to the airfield
  • We examine the helmet we got
    • It seems to have some preserving magic in place
    • It has some writing in draconic
    • Appears to be carved from a single piece of bone or scale
    • Doesn’t seem to do anything
    • Ithinil recalls stories of when dragons would take the shape of the people they walked among
      • It is a the helmet of someone who had turned out to be a dragon
We get on the airship with Mr. Frost and the prisoners
  • Sollein talks to Mr. Frost about where we are going and what the plan is
    • We are headed to an island in Eel Bay where we are going to drop off the prisoners with a Karrnathi transport
    • We will then be heading to the chain of islands south of Port Verge where we will try to intercept Ingam
      • We should have a week before Ingam gets there



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