The Gong Show

Session 22

The Kraken's Maw, pt. 3

We sneak into the cave
  • Grey sneaks into the cave and spies on more Lyrandar agents for a bit
    • She sees the guy that we followed back
    • The other guys are incredulous that we supposedly let him go
      • They kill him
    • One of the Lyrandar agents says to another – "Tell Pyr. Let him know that we can be ready to leave within the hour"
  • The rest of the Gong Show sneaks up behind Grey
  • The guy who went to talk to Pyr comes back and says that he said to wait until they got the information out of Zanword Silver
  • We rush out and make them roll initiative
  • There are 5 more of the wand and rapier guys like we fought in the Black Swan and a mage-type person with a fan
  • We kill some, but one escapes further into the cave
  • We knock out the last two guys
  • We tie them up and take a 5 minute rest
We proceed down the hall to the next room
  • There is a white haired wizard looking guy with a couple of large lizard creatures and the guy who got away from the previous room
  • There is a brief intimidation back and forth which quickly results in combat
  • There is a dead body in the room who appears to have been electrocuted to death
  • After his friends are dead and a few rounds of beating him up against a wall, Pyr attempts to escape
  • Grey runs him down and kills him
  • Bergran gets new armor off the dead guy in the corner
  • We find a couple more Lyrandar signet rings
  • We get a +2 wand off of Pyr and four more +1 wands off of other guys and a Tempest Fan
In the back of the cave there is a small cell
  • We find the key on Pyr
  • In the cell is Zanword and Korren
  • We let them out and bind them up for transport along with the 2 other guys we captured earlier
  • We load up the drakes on a Floating Disk for later skinning
  • We take everything back to the Mr. Frost back at the inn
Back at the Inn
  • Mr. Frost has arranged for prisoner transport on an airship in the morning
  • We interrogate Zanword and Korren
    • We start by getting them drinks and diplomacizing. Sollein tends to their injuries.
  • We ask about Ingam
    • There was a fault in the teleportation circle network — he was sent to Regalport. He would have to take a ship from there
    • They don’t know what Ingam was up to. They were just hired to get him warforged and to get him the capability to transport large numbers of creatures
    • Zanword suspected something strange was going on because when he was setting up the teleportation circle in the tower, he never actually saw any of the warforged Korren had been sending him
      • This is kind of interesting because we estimate there had been several hundred — It sounds like Ingam was making a deliberate effort to hide his activies from Zanword and Korren
    • Ingam was supposed to meet them on a small chain of islands south of Port Verge in the next week
    • They knew Ingam from during the war — he had made use of their teleportation network
    • They knew House Cannith had been trying to get certain designs from Ingam, but he did not trust House Cannith to treat him fairly because he was not dragonmarked
    • They know he is a misfit from a family of fighters and such
    • He appears to have a warforged left arm, but he otherwise appears human
  • We ask about the cipher
    • We get the details of the cipher and the symbols for the locations
    • They have portals all over the place, including 2 on Sarlona
    • They mostly smuggle high value items, including dream lily
    • They occasionally transport people from Sarlona
      • Most of them are from Adar
  • We ask about the local smuggling operations
    • We get the locations of 3 warehouses, but they warn us that not all of the goods are illicit



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