The Gong Show

Session 21

The Kraken's Maw, pt. 2

Play Log

We begin outside a tavern where we recovered some documents and fought some Lyrandar goons
  • The encoded documents are in common, but there are occassional odd symbols in them.
  • Mr. Frost is set up in an inn with some rooms
  • We make our way back to the inn, pretending to be drunkards. Bluff checks are rolled.
  • Jai makes note of what the surroundings are like in case she gets kidknapped and needs to try and figure out where she’s been taken
We pick up a week old copy of the Korranberg Chronicle.
  • There are several incidents of terrorism in Karrnath which officials claim have been perpetrated by rogue Lyrandar agents
  • Several failed attacks on the Karrnathi High Command, one general was injured but is expected to recover in a few days
  • Breland and Zilargo have publicly declared they will stay out of any regional conflicts in the Talenta Plains, and urges the dragon marked houses to do the same
  • Q’barra claims Valenar has been stirring up dissent in the native lizard folk and dragonborn, and are thoroughly occupied trying to suppress the dissent and secure their highly pourous border
  • Cost of iron and steel in Regalport have gone up recently
Back at the inn with Mr. Frost
  • Mr. Frost looks at the book with the names and numbers and declares it to be a betting ledger
  • He thinks we will need the key to decipher the coded documents
  • We determine based on the formatting that the ciphered docs contain some kind of navigational data
  • The ciphered doc is 3 pages
  • We manage to work out a few patterns in the symbols and that the patters appear different on each page
  • There is a symbol which appears a number of times, likely representing a proper noun
Bergran and Pika interrogate the prisoner while the others work on the cipher
  • It looks like he had a ring on his right index finger which he no longer has
  • Pika shocks himself in the genitals. And makes intimidate checks.
  • What were you looking for in the bar?
    • “The papers. We were there for the papers.”
  • What papers? What do you want them for?
    • “The portal notes. The activation commands.”
  • Whose portal was this exactly?
    • “What’s his name… Silver.”
  • Who were all those people you murdered in the bar?
  • If you had found these papers are you sure you’d even be able to read them?
    • Silver would have been able to read them”
  • So Silver is a member of your organization, as well as Korren’s organization?
    • “No, we captured him and Korren when we raided the bar”
  • Why do they want the papers and the teleportation codes?
  • What is your interest in Gatherhold?
  • What does the Oncoming Storm want?
    • “A home. We just want a home.”
    • House Lyrandar wants a land to call their own.”
  • This doesn’t make sense to us, because they already have their own city and other holdings. Also, a dragonmarked house having its own nation would be against the agreement which established the dragonmarked houses (Korth Edicts).
  • We begin to suspect that this is actually an Inspired plot to reignite war on the continent, and that House Lyrandar is being directly manipulated
  • We share our theory with the prisoner to try and get him on our side a little. This doesn’t get us very far, but we might have shaken his beliefs a little.
  • We hatch a plan to let him go and follow him back to his base
Early the next morning, Pika pretends to be secretly on his side and sets him free
  • Grey successfully tails him and we follow her a ways back
  • He leads us out of town to a cave near the beach


The Gong Show is level 6 starting this session
This is the first session to be recorded. Audio available on request.



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