The Gong Show

Session 20

The Kraken's Maw

We arrive in Port Verge
  • Mr. Frost gives us a more in depth briefing
  • Korren is a half-orc
  • Korren has gained a high ranking position in a criminal organization
  • He deals in smuggling and slaves in addition to his merc agency
  • Korren bribes the prince so the local constabulary will not be on our side
  • Korren changes the location of his H.Q. every few months
  • Keeps close to the docks to stay close to his smuggling operations
Gathering info around town
  • We come up with some warforged mercs we are familiar with
  • Ithinil knew a Wrench of the Whiteshield Company
  • Sollein knows of the Hammer Slammers
  • Jai knows a Sprocket in the Adamantine Company
  • We head to a tavern on the docks to gather info
  • We claim to be looking for a warforged merc (Wrench) who owes us money
  • The barkeep doesn’t believe us, but seems to know something
  • We come up with a more elaborate story which we pretend that we were covering up
  • He buys the story and directs us to another tavern – the Black Swan
We get ambushed in a alleyway
  • Seems to be a simple mugging
  • We kill all of the minions, chase off one leader and capture another
  • We interrogate him and he confirms the Black Swan
At the Black Swan
  • There are bodies everywhere inside
  • Lots of signs of violence
  • No half-orcs or half-elves
  • One of them is a minotaur
  • Most of the bodies appear stabbed to death (rapier) and one appears bludgeoned
  • We find 40GP which goes to the party fund
  • Ithinil finds a book/ledger with lots of names and numbers
  • Bergran finds some papers written in a cipher
  • We find a trap door leading to a small secret basement
  • There is a teleportation circle and we find more ledgers
  • Jai breaks the teleportation circle
  • We start to leave
As we are leaving, another group shows up
  • We rush out to interrogate them, but they attack
  • 6 guys with wands and rapiers and one more who appears to be the leader
  • Fighting happens
  • Sollein accidentally raises one of them as a strange type of undead
  • We beat them eventually
  • One of them escapes and we capture another
  • He says something to the effect of "I would rather die than bertray the Oncoming Storm"
  • They are all half-elves with the Mark of Storm
  • Possible connection to the group which tried to blow up the train?
  • We loot the bodies and come away with 350GP, 6 +1 wands and set of +1 armor
  • We leave to head back to Mr. Frost with the prisoner and all the docs



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