The Gong Show

Session 19

The Artificer's Tower, pt. 4

Back in town
  • We rest for the night and regroup in the morning to plan
  • Bergran and Sollein investigate looking for any way to get in via underground
  • Grey talks to the Abbot who is planning the assualt
  • The tower used to be a local seat of government
  • Jai talks to old people investigating “Old Jeb”
    • He tells her there were mines to the NW, but he’s not sure if they linked up with the tower
    • Tower has been haunted since the dwarves disappeared
    • Other dwarves have tried to resettle since, but it never lasts
    • The Moldron Clan disappeared 5 centuries ago
    • The village was on the SE edge of their territory
We meet a mysterious stranger in the tavern
  • He appears to be partially made out of stone
  • He’s a wandering freelance mercenary looking for work
  • He seems to know how killing things and taking their stuff works
  • He basically refuses to not come with us
  • “Ithinil” joins the party
We leave at midnight the next night w/ the Abbot & the monks
  • scouts report no activity around the tower
  • Jai break down the front door
  • There is one of the Deadforged painting over a teleportation circle
  • It looks like the tp circle has been painted over for the past couple of days
  • The circle is huge and looks like it could have moved that whole Deadforged army across the continent
We go up to the next floor in the tower
  • we find some tracks leading down and following them backwards up to the top of the tower
  • there is an octagonal room with three empty chests
  • Also, three tables – one appears to have a smashed alchemy set, another has a saw
  • There is a fireplace with burned papers
  • Make Whole on the ashes nets a lab book with designs for the residuum bomb we found in Sharn way back in the day
We follow the human tracks the other way and they lead back out of the tower
  • they lead to a secret door outside the tower
  • it is a small hidden stable that has been emptied recently
  • There are two sets of horse tracks leaving the stable about a day old
  • The tracks lead to the NE – Frostmantle is the nearest major city to the NE

The evidence seems conclusive that the Deadforged were being created in the tower

We head back to town and the airship is there
  • The airship captain, the Karrnathi ambassador and a nondescript fellow are there
  • The nondescript fellow is Mr. Frost of the Karrnathi intelligence service
  • He’s been tracking Ingam for some time
  • Ingam likely has mage bred mounts and will get to his immediate destination quickly
  • Sources indicate Ingram has been working with a mercenary agent named Korren (half-orc)
  • Korren has been supplying Ingam with most of the warforged he’s been using
  • Korren is connected with some criminal organizations
  • He has an Lt. named Zanword Silver (half-elf) whose specialty is teleportation circles
  • Zanword is a pedobear.
  • He maintains a portal network
  • He was kicked out of House Orien
  • Mr. Frost makes the ambassador’s offer to Bergran official
We leave on the airship for Port Verge
  • Sollein studies the lab book along the way



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