The Gong Show

Session 18

The Artificer's Tower, pt. 3

Asking around town
  • There are some ruins to the NW
  • Some people have claimed the ruins are haunted
  • It’s a tower of some kind
We borrow some horses and head to the ruins
  • We arrive at the ruins and look for an entrance
  • We find encounter a warforged titan with 4 arms
  • Piles of warforged components and body parts surround it
  • It looks like it is cutting up warforged bodies and sorting the pieces into piles
  • We attack
We win and continue to survey the area
  • The dead warforged appear to have died in battle
  • The creature was an undead living construct
  • It had a symbol of a red dragon scale
  • It looks like a shaped scale for armor
  • We find a secret back entrance
We proceed into the fortress
  • We travel down a dark passage
  • It opens up into a room with 5 warforged and a gong
    • The gong is an alarm and JaiKondrai uses psychic powers to keep the warforged from getting to it.
  • We fight and kill the warforged
  • These warforged also have the red dragon scale symbol
  • We think we might have seen something like it in Trolanport
  • Jai remembers the guy doing the play about the Kaluun who had red armor (The Sons of Kaluun)
  • Could there be a connection between these undead warforged and Blacktree?
  • Bergran finds a limerick fragment
  • We keep the gong, and thus become The Gong Show
We proceed to the next room
  • there is a large locked door
  • it is trapped and locked
  • the trap is disabled and the lock is picked
  • We peek through the door and see 6 humanoid figures
  • We set up a trap and lure one out
  • it is one of the crossbow guys we fought earlier
  • We kill him, but then the rest come through
  • They overwhelm us initially, but we fall back to the hallway and regroup
  • The warforged monks show up
  • We eventually win and decide to head back to town



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