The Gong Show

Session 17

The Artificer's Tower, pt. 2

We continue on to the monastary
  • As we are approaching the monastary, we hear a loud thumping that repeats at intervals
  • “Grey” scouts ahead and spots some warforged in artic camo
  • Roughly half have centaur-like body plans
  • They appear to be trying to break down the monastary door with a balista
  • We attack
  • We defeat the warforged with superior tactics
  • The warforged all have the marks on their foreheads modified to be the same
The monks open the doors and tell us to bring the dead warforgeds’ ammo
  • We wheel in the balista, too
  • Everyone in the monastary is a warforged
  • They served in Aundair during the war fighting the Karrnathi and were set free at the end of the war
  • They had been converted to the Silver Flame by a priest that served with them
  • The sieging warforged came from the west
  • Some warforged had gone missing from the monastary 2-3 weeks ago, and appear to have been among * the warforged assaulting the monastary
  • The sieging warforged have no apparent command structure
  • There are 50 of the centaur-forged amassed at the main gate on the north side
  • We had come in a smaller, better fortified door on the south
[Speculation] – Someone is kidnapping warforged, erasing their identity and turning them into quasi-mindless servents
  • This is likely the same person or group that recieved the drop of warforged parts from Ingam
  • The monastary was likely being sieged just to acquire more bodies for the ranks
We form a cunning plan
  • We unleash a flury of flaming arrows and balista bolts with alchemist’s fire
  • The idea is to start some fires and the sneak out the back in the confusion
  • However, this just provokes an all out assault
  • We decide to use the opportunity to crush the the host
  • However, after a few rounds (3), drums sound in the distance and the assaulting warforged retreat
  • We abandon the monastary and return to the town with all of the warforged from the monastary
We are well recieved in town and spend the night



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