The Gong Show

Session 16

The Artificer's Tower

On the way back to Korranberg we bluff Harwin that we bluffed the Kobolds into letting him go
He seems skeptical, but he doesn’t really question it

Returning to Jaqueir’s office
  • It’s messier
  • Their father died while we were away in the mines and doesn’t want to talk to us, atm.
  • He puts us up for the night at an inn
  • He has been unable to make any progress on the prophecy
  • It may be an undiscovered part of the original draconic prophecy, which is outside his area of expertise, which is why he can’t figure it out
  • He will refer us to another expert on the draconic prophecy
  • A group of dragonborn make a yearly pilgrimage to The Boneyard in the Talenta Plains
  • Jaquier is going to comp us for rescuing his brother since he couldn’t hold up his end of the bargain (1000gp)
While Bergran is chilling in the tavern…
  • Some armored guys ask him to appear at the Karrnathi consulate tomorrow
  • The next day, all of us meet with Kevand ed ved keer [Please insert correct spelling]
  • Wants Bergran to help clear his mentor (and himself)
He gives us the story of the item which Bergran and his mentor had been guarding
  • [My notes on the back story are pretty sketchy, so if anyone wants to fill in some detail here or correct something, feel free]
  • It was the year 993YK
  • He was an Lt. on a ship moving stuff out of Xen’Drik
  • They stopped another ship heading out of Stormreach
  • Bloody battle in which the guys on the ship all fight to the death
  • They find a chest on board and are ordered to bring it back
  • the chest is delivered to the Kundarak vaults
  • He was then given a command position
  • Loses the position when the artifact is stolen
  • He recently gained information regarding the artifact
  • He believes finding the true thief will clear them
  • An artificer named Ingam made a “dead drop” of some warforged parts in the Mror Holds a week ago
Jaquier gets us the info on the draconic prophecy expert the next day
Messenger from Kevand gives us info on the travel arrangements
  • Air skiff with an non- Lyrander captain
  • It takes us about a week to get there
  • Air skiff will be back in the village in about a week
  • The village is SE of Noldrunthrone
  • Village is 6mi NW of the drop point
  • We get dropped off near the village
Talking to the gate guard at the village
  • tells us some farms have been raided
  • People killed in their best clothes
  • Tells us to talk to Kaut – village priest of the Silver Flame
  • Had a couple of traders come through 2-3 weeks ago with empty wagons
  • There is a monastary on the hill about 10mi north of the village which they haven’t heard from since the attacks
Hanging in the tavern
  • People are worried
  • raids ocurred during the day
  • victims used colored smoke to signal they were under attack
  • attacks on fairly large homestead
  • the people killed had weapons and attempted to fight back
  • No major feuds or enmities
  • 7 or 8 different attacks
  • No one has heard of Ingam
  • No known artificers about
Visiting Kaut the next morning
  • Doesn’t know any artificers
  • No ideas about the attacks
  • He had hoped some brothers would come down from the monastary
  • Many of the brothers are warforged
We go check out the drop site
  • Snowball fight!
  • We find some tracks passing through the clearing probably from when the package was dropped
  • We find where it looks like the package was hidden
  • Pika detects a magical signature indicating that something strange was in the area in recent history
Heading to the monastary
  • We see signal smoke and head towards it
  • We find another homestead that’s just been slaughtered
  • We see some figures fleeing into the forest but we don’t catch any details
  • We find some tracks that look quadrapedish
A posse arrives from the village and we follow them as they pursue the tracks into the forest
  • We find a guy with a crossbow bolt in him
  • We patch him up and send him back to town
  • We find another half dozen or so, and 2 are dead
  • They were attacked by something white and centaur shaped
  • We find more tracks but lose them in a stream



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