The Gong Show

Session 15

Zilargo: The Deep Mine, pt. 2

We head South out of the East Silver Seam
  • We pass through some large metal doorways
  • We cross a large rope bridge across a chasm
  • We come to a crossroads
  • The crossroads turns out to be a network of caves
  • We trigger a trap
  • It’s a dungeon complex!
We encounter a room filled with Kobolds
  • We lure a couple out of minions and kill them
  • The ruse fails to work a second time and the fight is on
  • We fight until there is one koblold left, who is then intimidated into surrendering
  • The kobold is from the water clan(?)
  • The kobold offers to lead us to the Blind Ones
  • We discuss strategy for ransoming back the prisoner on the way
Arriving at the Blind Ones camp
  • It seems like the whole clan is in attendance
  • They tell us they captured the gnome to lure us there
  • They wanted to meet the ones who see the Great Dragon’s Daughter rise
  • The “Great Dragon” refers to Khyber
  • Tiamat is believed to be the daughter of Eberron by surfacers
  • She will rise “far away” such that the Blind Ones will not witness this themsleves
  • They let us leave with Harwin without incident
On the way back, we begin to hear the sound of many kobolds behind us as we approach the rope bridge
  • We hurry across the bridge, but the metal door is shut and barred
  • Harwin sets about getting the people on the other side to open the door
  • We begin attacking the ropes as a horde of kobolds swarms across the bridge
  • We are able to hold the line at the end of the bridge as dozens of kobolds are slain before we are able to sever the rope on a side
  • Many kobolds slide off the bridge as it sags to one side, and their advance is halted
  • Soon after, the door opens and the defenders of East Silver Seam rush out and help us finish off the near side of the bridge

Facebook Comments

Michael Niswander Also, my notes from the previous session seem to have completely disappeared. Let me know if you come across them any where.
August 21 at 1:11pm · Like

Heidi Hickman We didnt have gold from this, but we got a bag of holding and food, right?
August 21 at 2:46pm · Like

Jonathan McCalip specifically, the party has two bags of holding. you only took a few days food from the rations supplied by Lefty for your search for the Blind Ones.



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