The Gong Show

Session 14

Zilargo: The Deep Mine

I cannot find my notes from this game session, but I don’t think too much meta-plot happened here.

Rough Summary
  • We take the train to The Deep Mine
  • We find out the local Kobold tribes have claimed a bunch of territory, and the East Silver Seam is now behind enemy lines
  • Someone in a in a tavern asks us to take some bags of holding filled with supplies to the East Silver Seam.
    • For payment, we can keep the bags
  • We make our way down into the mine and end up fighting a kobold war band and we completely wipe it out
  • We get to the East Silver Seam and they have managed to hold out against the kobold attacks
  • However, Harwin has been captured by one of the kobold tribes known as the Blind Ones



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